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  1. Volta became professor of physics at the Royal School of Como in In his interest in electricity led him to improve the electrophorus, a device used to generate static electricity. He discovered and isolated methane gas in Three years later he was appointed to the chair of physics at the University of Pavia.
  2. Volta, (Italian: “turn”) the turn in thought in a sonnet that is often indicated by such initial words as But, Yet, or And yet.
  3. Lived – Alessandro Volta was a physicist, chemist and a pioneer of electrical science. He is most famous for his invention of the electric battery.
  4. a river in W Africa, in Ghana, formed by the confluence of the Black Volta and the White Volta and flowing S into the Bight of Benin. About miles ( km) long; with branches about .
  5. Italian word for “turn.” In a sonnet, the volta is the turn of thought or argument: in Petrarchan or Italian sonnets it occurs between the octave and the sestet, and in Shakespearean or English before the final couplet.
  6. The volta is an anglicised name for a dance for couples that was popular during the later Renaissance period. This dance was associated with the galliard and done to the same kind of music. Its main figure consisted of a turn and lift in a sort of closed position, which could be done either to the right or to the left. It is also called La volta, Volta, Volte. Spelling variants include .
  7. Volta delivers free charging stations to property owners, power to the electric vehicle community and impactful brand stories to everyone.
  8. VOLTA is a story of transformation. It is about being true to oneself, fulfilling one’s true potential, and recognizing one’s own power to make it possible. Ultimate freedom comes with self-acceptance, and with the liberation of the judgement of others. Waz is a gameshow contestant that has lost touch with himself.

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